The mission of the Dallas Hextell Foundation is to provide support to families and researchers who are advancing the use of cord blood stem cells to treat cerebral palsy and other forms of brain injury.

Specifically, we want to:

  • Be a guide to expectant parents about cord blood education resources
  • Teach other parents to be advocates for their children’s health
  • Be the voice for Dallas and other children with cerebral palsy
  • Raise funds to aid families who participate in cord blood research
  • Direct more funding to cord blood research for brain injury

The Dallas Hextell Story

Our son Dallas was diagnosed at 8 months with cerebral palsy, a type of brain injury from birth that has no known cure. But we made a decision before Dallas was born that has changed our lives. We banked Dallas’ cord blood. Dallas was among the first in the country to be infused with his own cord blood stem cells in an effort to induce healing in his brain. We began to notice improvements in him soon after his procedure. Today, with the help of therapists, Dallas is doing things we thought might never happen. He runs, he laughs and he’s beginning to talk.